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CSL – Central Science Laboratory – United Kingdom based Science-Unit with work against IAS in the UK

Neobiota – AG – German University Group – it unifies experts on IAS research and management

GISP – Global Invasive Species Programme – Global programme of the UN against threats of IAS

Invasive Mammals – Database on invasive mammal species

IUCN – Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) – Specialist Group of the IUCN on thematics of Invasive Alien Species (IAS)

TNC – The Nature Conservancy – The Nature Conservancy – US-NGO with programmes on IAS

Landcare Research – New Zealand based organisation partially dedicated to management of IAS

Aquatic Species Introductions Database – Database of the FAO on marine invasive species

Biologische Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft (BBA) – German Federal Agency with research on mainly invasive plants

Convention on Biological Diversity – IAS Documents – Documents and background information on IAS issues in the Convention of Rio (1992)

CSIRO – Commonwealth research organisation with work on the management of problematic species and organisms

Global Ballast Water Management Programme – International programme for the management of ballast water in ships against IAS transfer

Invasive Species Information System – US government programme against IAS and their effects

Feral Animal Database – Australian database on feral animals and other problem species

Biosafety Clearing House Programme – United Nations website on dangers of organism transfer

Baltic Sea Alien Species – Database on marine invasive species in the Baltic Sea

Alien Species in Hawai – Database on IAS in Hawaii

Institute for Biological Invasions – Research institute on issues of IAS

Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry – Background information on IAS issues in the Pacific

South Pacific Regional Environment Programme – Initiative of the South Pacific countries for management of IAS and the problems they cause

Nonindigenous species database network – Network of different databases on the thematic of invasive species

Grupo species invasores – Spanish Centre for Biological Invasions and working group on invasive species

DEH – Australias Department for Environment and Heritage's invasive species information site

Common Myna – Webside on problems with this invasive bird species in Australia

Invasive Estonia – Informations on invasive species in Estonia

Candadian Wildlife Departement – Invasive species in Canada

SNS – Denmark – Nordic Network on introdcued species

US Fish & Wildlife – Website of the US Fish and Wildlife Service on thematics of invasive species

US-Geological Survey – Database on non-indigenous aquatic species

GISIN – Global Invasive Species Information Network; incl. publications and informations on meetings and events

Australian National Park Service – Website on the thematic of invasive species and their control

Neophyten – Invasive plants database of the Federal German Environment Agency

Galapagos-Invasives – Informationsite on work against Invasive Species in the Galapgos Nationalpark

Invasive species in Poland – Working group on invasive species at the Krakow University

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