Fight against aliens


Every day InGrip-Consulting puts itself at the frontline in the struggle against certain species or individuals harming the native environment or people. Such animals have been introduced by humans (either intentionally or unintentionally) to places outside their natural area of occurrence which they would never have had a chance to reach on their own. Far away from the places where they were found originally these species are »exotic« or »alien« ones now. Many times they soon reproduce highly successfully and spread to neighbouring areas. By then they will have been »invasive« and started to threat native plants and animals with competition and finally often extinction. Especially on islands many species are lost already because they had nothing to defend themselves against the new predators, food- competitors or their diseases or parasites.

Beside species of ants, snakes, lizards or tropic birds the majority of problems caused by invasive species is perpetrated by always the same suspects: introduced rabbits, goats, sheep or pigs as well as feral cats or dogs are responsible. But especially the species of commensal mice or rats are causing worldwide massive damages.


Management or elimination of several problem cases often at the same time are the normal duty for the experts of our company. Their labour rescues protected areas, secures remote islands or untouched wilderness, protects rare and endangered species of plants or animals and ecologically restores former paradises into what they were before an invasion of exotic animals occurred.

Discipline and attention


It is unavoidable to always work with newest technologies and up-to-date knowledge but also to tailor all management activities specifically to the biology of the target species. Only a high professional but still enormously carefully implemented working scheme guarantees that except of the target species or individuals no other life is put at risk during such operations. Therefore every activity has to be implemented with absolute precision and greatest discipline, every step has to be watched and analysed exactly and the whole activity undertaken in one move but with largest conscientiousness. In the case of islands 100 % of the problem animals have to be removed to make an enduring success possible at all.
Whether for a job of 0,1 or 11.000 ha – always a proper risk assessment is needed first in our working field, because no situation is like the other one before. This is followed by the quick development of an individual management plan, and it is not until it has been approved that the execution of the ground work can take place in a controlled operation. For InGrip-Consulting this is the only way to have long lasting success and to guarantee satisfied clients.

Experts for every situation


Our experts are the key to our successes. The training of our staff takes place permanently in order to guarantee our commitment to the consistently highest quality. This is the only way we think experts can remain experts and just by creation of such standards InGrip-Consulting is able to provide the right personnel for each individual assignment. The possibility of communication in eight major languages secures a smooth and direct exchange between our staff and their clients across the globe.

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