Animal control worldwide


All the consultants of InGrip-Consulting have experiences with – often large scale – animal control work resulting from numerous projects around the world. Focal point in our work is the management of animals being transferred by humans unintentionally or on purpose and thus causing problems in the new environment where they arrived. Here especially the elimination of complete rodent populations, many times on wide areas and whole islands, as well as the management of feral domestic animals has become regular part of InGrip-Consulting’s work.

Beside the successful execution of all contracts – always in most efficient manner, shortest possible time but also for the customer most economic way – each single animal as a living individual is the main focus of our company’s work.

Focus on each single animal


We consider every single animal as an unique individual which has equal rights to live. Therefore the absolutely professional control of each single individual, not to speak about even whole populations, is unconditional the foundation and prerequisite of any work or planning in our company. InGrip-Consulting follows exactly all ethical codes of conduct, recommendations or conventions which are set by recognized authorities or organisations in this field of work (e.g. animal right and anti-cruelty issues, application of techniques of catch, transport or euthanasia, or conservation and pollution regulations etc.). Of course all specific laws of the countries where our company works are always strictly followed. In addition all cultural, ethnological or religious conditions, traditions or principles of the respective countries, people or their administrations are fully accepted and always completely complied with. Prior to each project’s execution the staff is specifically trained and prepared on all the issues which they will meet in the particular country.

Who are our clients?


Thanks to InGrip-Consulting’s conscientious and independent working method we have been allowed to serve very different clients from four continents until now. The daily routine of our customer’ business is always respected and therefore any work executed in a compatible way with their desires and demands.

For the protection of our clients their identities are never revealed. The sectors they come from include:

  • Diving lodges of international hotel companies
  • Ecologically oriented island resorts
  • Major European investment and housing fund companies
  • Mega-project construction firms and infrastructure companies
  • German governmental foundations and federal agencies
  • EC, UN-Organisations and World bank
  • Private and city public zoological gardens in Europe and Asia
  • Non-public zoological collections in the Middle East
  • Rescue centres for confiscated and endangered wildlife in the tropics
  • International governmental and non-governmental conservation organisations
  • Protected area administrations in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin-America
  • Universities and their research departments
  • Governments and their Ministries in countries of South-East Asia, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean

Each inquiry or assignment is always taken individually. It doesn’t matter whether it consists of a general wish or already a specific problem – a standard treatment of its clients does not exist for InGrip-Consulting.
All matters are absolutely kept confidential and handled totally discreetly. Without question a permanent confidence in the whole issue will be granted on request of the customer. Immediately after detailed contacting InGrip-Consulting the interested parties get advice on the first solution or management possibilities for their specific situation or problems. This already includes the first explanation of necessary details. Our flexibility always makes it possible to adapt a strategy to a style which goes with the desire or specific demands of the particular customer. A detailed and permanently updated reporting guarantees the client or its represent always the latest information and developments as well as complete transparency on what is done in general so fare.

InGrip-Consulting and its staff have achieved to build up reliable contacts to other specialists around the world over many years. These partners and their services secure InGrip-Consulting’s clients fast but economic assignment of personnel or delivery of materials in priority cases. The experience and special knowledge of our consultants on issues of management-techniques, the work of other organisations, the complexity which is behind the administration of zoological collections and especially the deep understanding about many issues of the international conservation sectors ensure the strong foundation of our company. In addition it was due to this knowledge that some of our consultants became nominated into different specialist groups of international conservation societies (IUCN), as taxon-advisors of zoo associations and partially themselves assigned as project coordinators in international conservation programmes.

These international contacts serve as a strong network of possible cooperation partners and important information sources for InGrip-Consulting. Their potential and benefit is always extracted by InGrip-Consulting for the well-being of its clients. This possibility further acts as sort of security network for our company it self which, in case that our personnel meets its knowledge limits on a certain issue (because of course such limitations also exist in our enterprise), knows that in the pool of experts the right person or group is employable and its service can be passed on to the particular customer.


Since InGrip-Consulting always completes its contracts with greatest care the company gives a full guarantee on all its services and activities. This ‘option on gratis correction on the site’ is another assurance for the client on proper execution of the contract. So fare the use of this option has never become necessary.

For special questions or more background information please go to InGrip-Consulting’s contact-page and inquire with us directly.

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