Consultation – Wildlife Management – conservation


InGrip-Consulting is a specialised service company. In a very much unique style this business combines the fields of Wildlife Management, personalised and individual assistance but also practical ground conservation to a comprehensive consulting service for its customers and clients.

Since the foundation of the successful enterprise the useful combination of these different working fields has been the basis for all the activities of the firm. Such a concept proves to be for the best of both a satisfied customer and the protection of nature.

The Consultants of InGrip-Consulting do always achieve complete solutions. By training of local staff the company’s knowledge is forwarded to people on the sites and so permanently the growing of capable personnel assured.

Our goal: Independance for our clients


Our way of working makes sure that the consultant and its service will not be necessarily needed for the customer any more in the long term – a clear goal of our company’s philosophy. Also thanks to this the maximum of all resources can always be applied to the next project and needed services.
The company works in the fight against invasive alien species of animals (animals which have been transferred through human activities to places where they never occurred originally). Often such animals settle and reproduce very well in these new locations and become a severe pest to native wildlife or humans and their property there. This is the declared main task of InGrip-Consulting.
The company is solely financed through the execution of its consulting services and the implementation of practical ground work for a wide array of governmental, non-governmental and commercial clients and customers. Parts of the InGrip-Consulting’s profits are however reinvested by the company’s consultants, thus supporting conservation projects with no or very little funding. For such projects and programmes InGrip-Consulting offers its consulting services, invasive animal elimination activities, material deliveries or training courses for a clearly cost reduced fare or even for free.

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