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Given the speciality of our company’s services we request to accept that we are not available for common pest control work.
Since no problem, no project and no inquiry is as the other we are also not able to give general recommendations on problem situation or species here on the website. However we will offer you to look specifically into your matter of concern. Please contact us for this at:

Hausburgstr. 24
D – 10249 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (30) 420 21 423
Fax: +49 (30) 420 21 424

Your inquiry will be internal forwarded to the consultant best capable to serve you in this issue. He or she will then answer you immediately and give first advise on your issue. Since some of our consultants work nearly full year around in countries abroad it is often without much extra costs possible to arrange a first visit or an inspection in your location, even if this is outside Germany or Europe. Such inspection and a feasibility study is necessary in any case as only after this a detailed offer for our services can be given to a potential customer. Especially only after an initial visit chances on success and time required can honestly be stated.

Assistance for endangered species


Especially in the case of perhaps already in the same region ongoing work of InGrip-Consulting, or alternatively in the obvious need to act swiftly in order to avoid greater problems, we will decide on incoming requests. Such projects can become supported by our company with free material deliveries or special advise. From time to time even a complete gratis service of InGrip-Consulting’s staff will be assigned to help projects with special or severe problems. Commercially working organisations or enterprises can unfortunately not be considered for such kind of support.


Please observe that InGrip-Consulting does not donate any cash-money to projects nor funds any research activities which are to our company unrelated. We hope that everyone will therefore understand that due to our highest priority – to serve our customers – no answer will be dedicated to such or other non-subject related inquiries.


Guntram Meier
Hausburgstrasse 24
D - 10249 Berlin
tel.: +49 (30) 420 21 423
fax.: +49 (30) 420 21 424

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